2018 Mission Trip Recap

On Sunday, July 29, a group of seven people made up of supporters and friends of the Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation loaded a van and headed for Mexico. While they knew they were going to be spending a week giving back to the orphans of Casa Hogar La Gloria, they didn’t imagine all they’d get back.

When the children arrived they immediately embraced our company. Each member of the mission trip team was assigned 2-3 kids who they served and bonded with the whole week. The trip entailed many activities and field trips all over the Baja region which included a farm, where they got to ride and groom horses, feed cows and learn how a farm operates; a attend a concert and outdoor movie; visit the famous Casitas Ranch where we played in ponds and navigated an obstacle course; made s’mores around a campfire and ended the final day at the beach playing in the water and riding the waves.

Our 2018 mission trip included plenty of playing, laughter and fun while we continued to bond a give them a week to never forget. The week concluded with affirmation campfire where the true bonds we created came to light. There were hugs, smiles, and a lot of tears as we were saying goodnight to the children for the last time this year. It was at this time when we realized how much our team got out of the week, “I knew it was going to be emotional but when I looked over and saw tears streaming down my kids face…I lost it” one team member said. Another said “I can’t believe the bonds we created in just a short week – I came here to give back I didn’t know how much I’d be taking away.”

After sending the children off, we again loaded into our van and started our way back home. A little dirtier, a little more tired but each team member came back with the love of a child they didn’t know existed only 6 days earlier.

Our mission trip program offers a unique opportunity to put a real face to our cause, bond with the children and see firsthand how your support is impacting the lives of so many. We hope you can join us next year for our 2019 Mission Trip!