W.A.T.A. Project Vietnam 2024

In March 2024, Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation, in collaboration with W.A.T.A. (Water Access To All), will be traveling to Vietnam to distribute and setup water filters in villages located in the central highlands. the goal is raise the funds so that we can provide a filter in every household. this will provide water to approx. 250 people living in the villages.


Gift of Hope

The plight of marginalized children is sadly one of the world’s most overlooked situations. While large-scale aid and development projects pour millions of dollars into developing countries, at the community level where those dollars seldom reach, children and young people often cope with challenges that define the nature of their existence. Malnutrition, disease, and the lack of access to education rob young people of the basic, precious element of hope. Often, in desperation to find an escape from this vacuum, where hope and aspiration no longer exist, young people place themselves in vulnerable or exploitative circumstances.

Operation B.O.O.K.

Bringing Opportunity to Our Kids. We believe that an opportunity for early education will provide several benefits to a child’s development and health, thus increasing their chances for a prosperous future. Our initiative will focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Our goals are to construct two new educational facilities in Cambodia and further develop our Meserani Mission Center in Tanzania.

Student of the Month

This year we added another feature to our programs – the Student of the Month in which a student from each classroom in Tanzania and Cambodia is selected and introduced to you. The students are selected based on attendance, completion of tasks, participation level, among other criteria. The students of the month receive a small gift to mark their success in the classroom and encourage the other students to strive for their best.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help the most destitute and vulnerable children in the world. We do not shy away from difficult situations, but instead embrace the challenge to give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.

Our Partners