Operation B.O.O.K.

Operation B.O.O.K.

In 2014, HSICF we launched a major initiative called, “Topple Hunger 2013,” where we set a lofty goal of serving one million meals. Through your generosity and kindness, we not only reached this goal but exceeded it beyond expectations. Your dedication to the kids granted us the joy in planting your love into 1,152,000 meals! Our children in Tanzania, Cambodia and North Korea are healthy, active and smiling because of you.

This year, we are launching a new initiative focused on education called, Operation B.O.O.K. –Bringing Opportunity to Our Kids. We believe that an opportunity for early education will provide several benefits to a child’s development and health, thus increasing their chances for a prosperous future. Our initiative will focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Our goals are to construct two new educational facilities in Cambodia and further develop our Meserani Mission Center in Tanzania. Our objective is to educate 300 new children over the span of three years. In developing countries, 40% of children struggle to survive on less than $1 dollar per day forcing them to do unimaginable things in order to survive.

Operation B.O.O.K. will provide a safe haven for these children by keeping them off the streets and providing hope for a brighter future. HSICF is committed to finding a solution by building and operating several new schools in Cambodia and Tanzania. Not only will our children receive a quality education, but they will also receive a highly nutritious meal which helps decrease the risk of malnutrition and disease.


Break the cycle of poverty by creating a new cycle of prosperity