Honoring Dr. Schneider

Honoring Dr. Schneider

Sam Han established this Foundation in honor of his adoptive father, Dr. Arthur Schneider, who always sought to provide for other people, especially those most in need, without recognition or ego. His simple, compassionate relationship with his God and his society inspired those with whom he worked and whom he loved.

In sum, Dr. Schneider attained a high level of professional success, but it was his sensitive, humanistic approach to the world around him that this Foundation commemorates. You can read more about Dr. Schneider here and also a summary statement from Mr. Han here

The Life of Dr. Arthur E. Schneider

Dr. Arthur E. Schneider was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1906. In 1931 he earned a degree in Forestry from the University of Minnesota, a masters in public administration from American University and a doctorate in forestry from the University of Washington.

The early years of his career were spent with the U.S. Forest Service. During World War II Dr. Schneider served with the Army Air Corps, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Following the war Dr. Schneider remained in Korea with the military government, first as a provincial forestry advisor, and later as assistant chief for the Bureau of Forestry. There began his abiding love for the people and culture of Korea and left a permanent mark on Korean society.

Dr. Schneider at Seoul National University Following his initial term in Korea, Dr. Schneider returned to the U.S. to join the faculty of the University of Minnesota’s School of Forestry. In 1954 he returned to Korea as chief advisor in the reconstruction of Seoul National University. In 1961, Seoul National University awarded him an honorary doctorate along with its lasting praise and gratitude.

As he left Korea, Dr. Schneider tenaciously petitioned the U.S. government to adopt Sang Man Han, a young man he had met during the course of his work. Sang Man was living in poverty, but displayed intelligence, persistence and wit. With the help of Clark McGregor, Sam Han and Dr. Schneider then a congressman from Minnesota, and Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Dr. Schneider earned special congressional approval for the entry of Sang Man into this country as his adopted son.

His work complete, Dr. Schneider settled in Goodyear, Arizona. In early 1962 he became vice-president and general manager of Gordon Ranches, Inc., and became affiliated with SBS Investments.

Upon his passing in 1995, Dr. Schneider was recognized by countless friends and associates for his professionalism, his compassion, and his quiet, dignified manner. In recognition of his ongoing, abiding compassion for those whose lives are limited by harsh circumstances and lacking in the hope that should guide the future of each child, the Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation is committed to serving the needs of vulnerable children around the world in the name of this remarkable, humble man.