What is your organization about?

The mission of Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation is to provide life-saving essentials to the world’s most destitute children.  Through faith, love and compassion, the Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by creating a new cycle of prosperity.  As we strive to emulate the benevolence of our Savior, HSICF will devote all of its time, energy and resources to providing life-sustaining essentials for marginalized children.

What can I do to help?

You can help in several ways. You can donate to our mission using the “Donate” button located on the navigation bar of the website. All donations are tax-deductible. You can also volunteer as we are always in need of a diverse group of volunteers who have different skill sets to help us with projects and to help increase awareness for our work. If you’d like to volunteer, send us an email using the “Contact” button.

We also host an annual benefit dinner and silent auction, as well as smaller events throughout the year,  to help grow our programs. You can donate product or service to our silent auction, as well as attend the events to show your support.

How do you choose which countries to work in?

The Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation actively seeks out those children in the worst conditions.  HSICF will reach the furthest corners of the world, seeking out the most destitute children to achieve lasting change and bring hope to their lives.  While large-scale aid and development projects pour millions of dollars into developing countries, those dollars seldom reach the community level where children and young people often cope with challenges that define the nature of their existence.

Why do you work in North Korea? Aren’t they 'the enemy'?

While it’s true that the governments of North Korea and the United States are at odds, that doesn’t mean we should let the innocent children suffer as a result. It is our firm belief that children are innocent regardless of what country of origin he or she may belong to.  Furthermore, there is a serious need for humanitarian aid in North Korea. Global hunger has seen a big decline over the last two decades, but the 2011 Global Hunger Index found that six countries have higher rates of hunger today than two decades ago. Five of those countries are in Africa and the other is North Korea.

Can you help ­­­­­­other countries?

We are looking to expand our operations in the upcoming years.  That means not only expanding our operations in the countries we are currently serving, but also expanding into new countries. However, we are cautious as to not over-extend ourselves.  We would rather make a lasting impact in one community than sprinkle little resources over several countries.  That being said, if you are currently working in a country we are not currently serving and think HSICF can help, please email us using the “Contact” button on top of the page.

How do you get the supplies? And how do you get the supplies to the children?

We are fortunate enough to partner with some really great non-profit organizations that help us acquire food and medical supplies for the children. Meanwhile, all clothing have been donated by private donors or local businesses that were generous enough to donate to this worthy cause.

The supplies are shipped from our warehouse in Southern California to their destination. In order to ensure the supplies are reaching our children, we have a contact in each country personally tracking all shipment and helping distribute the supplies. We then require a follow-up progress report on how the supplies are being used and when possible, request photographical evidence of the product in use.

Do you accept donations of used goods?

Unfortunately, at this time we do NOT accept used goods year-round.  However, once a year the HSICF will take a group to visit some of the children we serve.  Prior those trips we typically collect gently used clothing, used laptops, etc.  To follow these donation periods closely you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom on the homepage.

Do you collect canned goods for the children?

Unfortunately, we do not collect canned goods for the children. With the rising cost in shipping, it is not logistically or financially feasible for us to ship heavy cans across the world. Instead, we work with one of our partners to send MannaPacks, which are easy-to-prepare meals packaged in small pouches.

How often do you send out shipments of food and supplies?

There is no set time frame that we adhere to when shipping food and supplies.  We ship based on need.  We calculate how long a certain shipment will last and then ship the following container when supplies begin to dwindle.  In order to maximize our shipments, and our donors’ contributions, we combine our shipments to often contain both food and supplies making sure that we make the most out of every container.

I noticed some mention of Christianity on your website; do you only serve Christian children?

No, HSICF will serve every child in need of basic supplies, regardless of skin color, religious beliefs or political ideology.  We firmly believe all children are inherently innocent and in the brotherhood of humanity.