Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Founded in 2007, Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation (HSICF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides basic needs for underprivileged children around the world. The foundation was created to focus attention on the desperate plight of destitute children everywhere.  Through faith, love and compassion, the Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle by creating a new cycle of prosperity.

Our founder Sang Man “Sam” Han (1945-2012) was once an impoverished orphan in Korea. The foundation’s purpose is to realize his vision of establishing the necessary infrastructure that will enable an ongoing supply of food, medicine and clothing, while providing education, for defenseless children living in distressed communities world-wide.

Current HSICF Programs:

Cambodia (Capital: Phnom Pehn)

In 2014, the HSICF launched Operation B.O.O.K. a multi-year imitative calling on the building and operation of schools in rural villages where there are no schools currently operating. In March 2014, the HSICF completed first school in Balang Village. The school is in full operation with over 30 students attending daily receiving a free education and a nutritious meal. With the success of the Balang School, the HSICF plans to expand this program by building and operating more schools in the next few years.


Mexico (Capital: Mexico City)

In 2016, the HSICF launched a new program by partnering with Genesis International Orphanage Foundation in Baja California, Mexico.  The children are orphans and This program immediately became our largest with nearly 4,200 children being served throughout the region.  As we learn more about the needs of the children, the HSICF will look to expand the scope of the program beyond food aid


Tanzania (Capital: Dar es Salaam)

HSCIF initially donated $15,000 to support the building of an orphanage, medical facility, educational center and chapel; the facilities have been completed and the HSICF is currently supporting two food programs for the local children as well as supporting the school for 65 students.


In 2015, the HSICF expanded the complex with the addition of a vocational school for older students to learn skills needed to thrive in the job market. The HSICF also has plans of furnishing the medical facility with the equipment and medicines necessary for it to be fully operational for all the local people.


By The Numbers

  • Donated 6 tons of soybean and over 4 million meal packs to date
  • Distributed 3,000 jackets, winter clothing and backpacks, and countless other articles of clothing.
  • Contributed $100,000+ in medical aid to North Korea, Haiti and Tanzania



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