Operation B.O.O.K. Bringing Opportunity to Our Kids 2014 Initiative Focused on Education and Food


Do one thing a day that makes you smile. Do one thing a day that brings a smile to someone else


Every twelve seconds malnutrition causes the death of a child somewhere in the world. With a small donation you can save the life of a hungry child and make a meaningful impact in that child's life.


Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation is teaming up with WorldArts Gives to spread awareness about hunger through music and how our social actions can heal the world. Date: Sat, Nov 19 $60/Ticket

Gift of Hope

The plight of marginalized children is, sadly, one of the world’s most overlooked situations. While large-scale aid and development projects pour millions of dollars into developing countries, at the community level where those dollars seldom reach, children and young people often cope with challenges that define the nature of their existence. Malnutrition, disease, and the lack of access to education rob young people of the basic, precious element of hope. Often, in desperation to find an escape from this vacuum, where hope and aspiration no longer exist, young people place themselves in vulnerable or exploitive circumstances.