2016 Mexico Mission Trip Recap

2016 Mexico Mission Trip Recap

2016 Mexico Mission Trip Recap

The Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation recently concluded its 2016 MissionTrip to Baja California. The six-member team traveled to Maneadero, Mexico to visit HSICF’s newest partner along with the many children who will benefit from our food program. Each team member was partnered with two “niños” from Durango, a poverty stricken town where the children reside and attend school.

Over the weekend, memories were made, bonds were built and cultures united to spread everlasting love to these amazing children. Participant Jacqueline Tse said, “I really enjoyed this whole experience…as much as we are changing their lives, these children have changed and brightened my life so much more.”

unnamed (2)During the four-day weekend trip, the team packed in as much activities as possible. Every moment, every second counted so our time together was extremely productive. Arts and crafts, sports games, bonfires, field trip to the zoo, Sunday church service along with a rare play day outside with the disabled orphans at Puerta Hermosa were just some of the events that filled our weekend.


With the average migrant worker making only $8 a day and often supporting 3-4 children, the children rarely get to participate in any activities outside of the household. “It was special being able to give these kids something out of the ordinary..the joy in their faces said it all,” said Director of Operations Zachary Lopez.

The trip was undeniably a success. The group engaged and bonded with the children — everyone involved made memories that will last a lifetime.